Terms & Conditions / 参 展 规 则 和 条 件

1.   No exhibitor shall assign, sublet or share any part or the whole booth space to any other party
在未获得主办单位同意前, 参展商不能私下转让或分租部份或全部展位给任何单位.

2.   Booking of the booth will be confirmed only after full payment is received by latest on 30th June 2013.
预订的展位必须在30/06/2013 之前付完全额才会被确定

3.   Booking money will not be refunded in case of inability to attend the fair
不管任何理由, 如无法出席展览, 付的款额将不得要求退还.

4.   The organizer reserves the right to rearrange any booked booth and the floor plan of the Expo as may be necessary to ensure that the arrangement of the Expo is in the best interest of the attendees and exhibitors.
主办单位保留绝对权利对展位或展图做出任何重整, 只要有关重整对全体参展商, 参观者和展览会是有利及必要的.

5.   The exhibitor shall assign at least one full-time representative to be stationed at the booth all the times during the Expo hours
在展出期间, 参展商务必确保至少一人在看护有关展位.

6.   Smoking is not permitted within the exhibition hall.

7.   Exhibitors can set up their booths on 17th Sept 2013
参展商允准在17/09/2013 开始建设展位

8.   The exhibitor is encouraged to use the officially appointed or preferred company for their accommodations, travel and logistic for the expo.
主办单位鼓励参展商使用大会委任的服务公司/单位如酒店, 旅游公司, 报关行等.

9.   Booth selection is on first come first served basis.
展位的预订是根据“ 先到先得" 的情况下进行.

10.   For more information, Please refer to the Exhibitor’s Manual upon registration.