In tandem with ASEAN Free Trade Area (AFTA) trade bloc agreement to fully remove tariff and non-tariff barriers by Year 2015, Johor Bahru Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry (JBCCCI) has embarked on a mission to host an international expo themed “JB-ASEAN International Expo” from 19th to 21st September 2013 at Persada Johor Convention Center.

The objective are:

1. To establish an international business and commercial exchange platform to promote the exchange of domestic and overseas businesses.

2. To enhance the interaction and cooperation between local and foreign businesses, and raise the competitiveness of local goods and services to conform to
international standards for export to foreign countries.

3. To promote and further enhance Johor econimic vitality and tourism industry to foreign visitors and exhibitors, especially Iskandar Development Region.

“JB-ASEAN Exhibition” and “Business Forum” will be the two main themes of this event to promote the development of “Johor Bahru Annual Business Forum”. This will help to alleviate arena by playing an active role in promoting regional development, and to enhance international trade and development. JBCCCI plans to collaborate with the Johor State Government, Iskandar Regional Development Authority, Trade Association & Chambers of Commerce originating from ASEAN member countries, in order to achieve collective successes in hosting this special event.

The Scope of the Trade and Busienss Forum profile include:

1. Manufacturing | 制造业
( Machinery / Packaging / Hardware / Equipment )

2. Industrial & Engineering | 工业与工程
( Ship repair & Marine, Building, Energy & Environment Technology, Oil & Gas, Automotive, Agriculture )

3. Trade Export | 贸易出口
( Furniture, Gift & Handicraft, Good & Beverage, Electric, Auto & Motor Cycle, Building Material, etc... )

4. Health & Wellness Products, Medical Tourism | 保健与医疗产品

5. Land & Property | 土地及房地产

6. Finance & Education | 金融与教育

7. B 2 B Section. Business Conference | 商务交流大会

8. Johor Iskandar Tour Visit | 柔佛依斯干达观光景点


“新山-亚细安商品展出” 和 “商机论坛”将是上述博览暨商业交流会的两大主题,致力推动发展为“新山年度商坛盛会”,把新山市和柔佛推上更高的国际舞台,在未来的区域发展扮演更重要的角色。


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Opening Ceremony | 开幕典礼